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THOMAS AZIER Love, Disorderly Tour 2022 Urban Spree, Berlin am 17.11.22

Donnerstag 17.11.22
Einlass: 20:00, Beginn: 20:30
Urban Spree, , Berlin

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Thomas Azier - Love, Disorderly Tour 2022

Thomas Azier (1987) is a Dutch composer, producer, singer and performer. After spending over 10 years in various European cities, he has settled in Amsterdam, from where Thomas is independently building his project within Europe. In every place where life takes him, he absorbs influences from his immediate environment, and channels it from his own vision into an increasingly specific, unique and personal musical palette. The albums "Hylas", "Rouge" and "Stray" are strokes of paint on a much larger painting. On his latest single 'Hold On Tight', Azier finds novel ways to surprise which its accompanying video reflects in its stark glimpses of spectacularly mundane humanity. - an indication of the final size of this artwork, his album 'Love, Disorderly’.

"My latest work explores a new direction, I’m discussing the things I observe in a sincere way, trying to not unconsciously drift towards fictional, escapist narratives. I want to come to terms with feeling uncomfortable." The shift should be obvious for anyone familiar with Azier's previous music, which often painted stories of romance and tragedy in bright, brazen neon. Looking to the world around him and putting the minutiae of his own life under the microscope, with ‘Love, Disorderly’ Azier has tapped into a rich vein of abstract emotion and volatile expression unlike anything in his catalog.